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Dimension 20: Dungeons and Drag Queens - Episode 4 Recap and Review

Let's talk about the finale of Dimension 20: Dungeons and Drag Queens. There was a battle set, some wishes, and one tormented goddess.

Image: Dimension 20: Dungeons and Drag Queens.

Author's note: This article will include spoilers for the finale of Dungeons and Drag Queens.

The final Dungeons and Drag Queens episode aired, and it was a blast. I loved to see the questing queens engage in battle for the last time for the wishes they so dearly need from Thanara.

And I loved seeing all my expectations blown away.

Let's dive into it!

It's Time for Some Rick Perry Magic

Right out of the bat, we are introduced to the battle set for the finale. There were many unique details, and I'm pretty sure there were at least one or two secrets over there that we're missing.

The goddess Thanara and her helper were incredibly designed. The questing queens' minis were terrific as well!

I love Rick Perry's team's work so much! Now let's talk about the Questing Queens' fighting skills.

The Questing Queens Are Brutal

For a group of players that have no experience in D&D, this was a brutal battle for the Questing Queens. Bringing Zaria Hex to less than half of her health points was incredible!

Using spells and multiple attacks was fantastic, and looking at the players, there was still an air of beginner guidance from their questions and activities (like when Gertrude tried to shield Troyann).

But overall, this battle was killer, and the queens were effective in each turn!

The Questing Queens' Personal Quests

After killing their enemies, the queens finally face Thanara and ask for their boons. However, the group discovers that Thanara herself is also cursed, and they decide to give her the vial so that when the curse breaks, Gertrude will still be immortal, but Thanara will be able to free herself.

The goddess refuses because the underworld depends on her staying where she is. So, instead, they decide to sprout the all-blossom in the underworld, where all the souls of Twyla's people are already gathered. As the goddess steps down from her throne and becomes regular-sized, this realm is no longer an underworld where souls go after death and starts to crumble. Then, as Twyla sprouts the all-blossom seed with the help of her her familiar buddy bear, the underworld is slowly but surely transformed into a fey realm. And all the souls in it can decide to stay or move on through the portal Thanara created before leaving for her next adventure.

Princess reinvented her voice in this episode and saved her family, and Troyann got her father back. The only person who didn't get their wish was Gertrude. And it left the door open for a sequel.

Questing Queens Sequel When?

A familiar face arrives as the all-blossom changes the realm, and all is good. Nyruth, the seller who gave the group the flying carpet, informs the queens that he heard about "a curse-breaking talisman at the heart of a 17-layered dungeon."

And that's the hook for the next adventure of the questing queens. Honestly? I'd LOVE to see that. What about you?