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Dimension 20: The Ravening War - Episode 5 Recap and Review

Let's review the penultimate fifth episode of The Ravening War - Dimension 20's 17th season. There are so many things to unpack in this one.

Brennan Lee Mulligan Laughing Maniacally as Raphaniel from The Ravening War.
Image: Dimension 20: The Ravening War // Dropout.TV

Author's Note: This article will include spoilers for the 5th episode of The Ravening War.

The penultimate episode of The Ravening War was packed with betrayal, camaraderie, and rot. There's a lot to unpack before the final episode next week.

Episode 5 of The Ravening War is a testament to great storytelling and revelations across a political world filled with intrigue and mystery. I loved being in awe as many loose ends started to close.

Let's get right into it.

Battle Episode With Interwoven Storytelling Moments

In previous seasons of Dimension 20, we usually saw storytelling episodes and battle episodes. Sometimes a battle will end and transition into story narration. In this episode, Matt introduces us to a new concept of a battle with storytelling breaks.

As the group traverses the caverns of Rot, each room they visit has some enemies; once they finish that room, the initiative ends. That means there's time to do more storytelling moments until they move on to the next room and engage in battle again.

I, for one, enjoyed the alternation between battle and story. What did you think about it?

We Finally See Under The Masks

In this episode, we are finally seeing the people behind the masks. There are, of course, many people still shrouded in darkness. However, in this episode, we've started seeing more people who belong to the Sanctus Putris and were unmasked.

Being in the caves, they thought nobody would come in, so they didn't need their masks.

The funny thing is that we discover through our players that the Sanctus Putris treat the Suprofians (did I write that correctly? I mean Rot people) like slaves. I wonder how much the Sanctus Putris reflect on their own actions, if at all.

Deli and Colin - Reunited?

The best thread in this episode was the confusing vibes between Deli and Colin. Are they bros? Are they not?

When Lou rolled to see if Colin clocked Deli's attack and asked if he was impressed, I found that hilarious! And when Deli says Karna is his Skald, Colin's response is also confusing. Is he still interested in a friendship with Deli?

We're going into the final episode with this story thread still unresolved, and if Deli and Colin do not hug by the end of it, I. Will. Riot.

Do you want them to become friends again?

Karna and Rot - Mysterious Relationship

Karna is fighting the Rot people and the Sanctus Putris. However, in previous episodes, Aabria mentioned Karna is a true believer.

Karna knows the hunger firsthand, and if the Sanctus Putris know of a way to stave it off, she will want in. But she still fights them. For Deli? Even now, when she's a grown woman with - hopefully - more common sense than before?

Something still feels fishy to me. We never resolved her relationship with Gemilli. And I think we might resolve that in the final episode. What do you think? Is she truly over the Sanctus Putris? Did I miss anything?

Out of the cast, I totally see Aabria going for PVP at the end if Matt will orchestrate it. What do you think?

Raphaniel Keeps Unraveling

The description of Raphaniel in this episode is genuinely out of this world. He has changed, withered, and kind of lost it.

The failure of the persuasion check against the Suprofian in the mouth of the cave caused him to totally flip and want them all dead.

And you know what they say about Pendulums - they always swing back. So even if he "hates" them now, we might still see him changing that opinion for the purpose of a PVP.

Betrayal Long In The Making

During this episode, we saw many people betraying our beloved cast. First, it was Karna's old nemesis, then Colin's dad. We also saw Chutney, who betrayed Amangeaux.

We already knew that the Archbishop was revealed to betray Raphaniel, and Gemilli was revealed to also be a Sanctus Putris who used Deli for her own ends.

Aside from those who died, we're going to meet those betrayers next episode again and potentially fight them. How many of them will try to persuade our characters to join the Sanctus Putris or at least not stand in their way?

Predictions For The Next and Final Episode

I have a sinking feeling that we are headed into PVP. Many players around the table wouldn't mind if it happened - especially Brennan and Aabria, the top agents of chaos.

We are led to believe that the next episode begins in a meeting place where the Archbishop will be, and our players are bringing Deli and Amangeaux as prisoners. That will ensure half the party will be treated differently than the rest, if their deception check works.

And there are still some secrets yet to be revealed about Raphaniel, as Brennan mentioned in the Adventuring Party. And Karna, as an agent of the hungry one, could still choose chaos. Would someone manage to persuade her to move to the dark side?

This is Calorum. Brute force has never been the only way to solve things. Intrigue and politics are always part of the equation. And I'm sure the players will prove it with their actions next episode. How do you think this final episode will go?


Episode 5 of The Ravening War fantastically bridges the gap between the start of the war and its end years later. As the last episode suggests, the conflict against the Sanctus Putris and their ilk is the focus of our scrumptious scoundrels.

Given that we know the Sanctus Putris exists in A Crown of Candy - we just don't see much of them - how do you think this finale will go? Will our heroes be swayed?

Above all, what will be the closing remarks of this chapter in Calorum's history? Will we have some implications going forward? I'm excited to see how Matt leaves his mark on the world. What do you think will happen?

Let's discuss predictions in the comments below!

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