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The Winds of Winter Has No Release Date... For Now

There are many rumors about the release date for The Winds of Winter. As of August 2023 - there's no release date. Subscribe for authentic updates!

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There are many rumors about the release date for The Winds of Winter.

Many people ask: what is The Winds of Winter's release date? As of August 2023 - George R.R. Martin published no official release date. This blog post will update with news about the release date, and you can feel free to ping me in the comments below.

Here are some common questions and answers about the book:

How many pages long will The Winds of Winter be?

From an update in 2019, Martin suggested the two books will be around 3000 pages long. It's unclear how long the Winds of Winter will be.

Will Martin Publish The Winds of Winter in November 2023?

November 2023 is rumored to be the release time for The Winds of Winter. It has not been confirmed by any source - Martin's blog included - and should not be taken seriously.

How much progress did Martin achieve so far in writing the book?

An October 2022 update reveals that Martin has written three-quarters of The Winds of Winter so far.

What is The Winds of Winter about?

The Winds of Winter continues the story of the remaining characters after the second half of A Dance With Dragons.

The latter is the fifth book in the series and contains two parts. The first part happens simultaneously with the events of A Feast For Crows - the fourth novel in the series. The second part includes a merged timeline of events and characters from Westeros and outside of it.