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Tiny Heist: The New Season of Dimension 20 is About Toys

Tiny heist is another Dimension 20 side quest with Brennan Lee Mulligan at the helm. This blog post was written after watching one episode and explains the crew and initial story.

a logo picture for Dimension 20 Tiny Heist featuring the cast around a chest of treasure.
Image: Dimension 20

Last week, CollegeHumor and Dropout announced that IAC, their parent company, had decided to stop funding them. The result of the move caused 100+ employees to lose their jobs.

And yet, even in the face of such a big hurdle, the streaming service survives. The day after the announcement, Tiny Heist aired on Dropout.

Now, in case you’re not familiar with Dimension 20 (what? no way!), I’ll briefly explain the format and seasons that have already aired, and then I’ll share my first impressions from Tiny Heist.

Let’s dig in!

Tiny Heist is a Side Quest

Dimension 20 is a game of Dungeons and Dragons. I know, right? Another creative show that sweeps thousands of people without huge budgets. Brennan Lee Mulligan is the brilliant Game Master behind it, and some fantastic people play as characters. In the core cast seasons, those with 16–17 episodes, The players are Emily Axford, Brian Murphy, Siobhan Thompson, Zac Oyama, Ally Beardsley, and Lou Wilson.

The seasons that have come out already are Fantasy High, Escape From The Blood Keep, and The Unsleeping City.

The cast of each season are brilliant comedians, and watching the episodes is an absolute joy. Tiny Heist is a different matter. The format for shows like Tiny heist in the Dimension 20 multiverse (is that a thing? please tell me it’s a thing) is a short season of only six episodes called a SideQuest. The regular crew does not play in it, but Brennan is the game master. The players are, therefore, other people. Usually, it’s a mix of other cast members and fun guests.

The first SideQuest was Escape From The Blood Keep. That short sidequest featured Mike Trapp, Ify Nwadiwe, Rekha Shankar, Amy Vorpahl, Erika Ishii, and, last but not least, Matthew Mercer.

Escape From The Blood Keep lasted six episodes. The same as Tiny Heist is Expected to last.

But this time, The players for Tiny Heist are different. They are non-other than Lily Du and Jessica Ross, CollegeHumor cast members, and the McElroy family! So excited to see where they take this season! They posted an update about the situation at CollegeHumor when the episode went live. Releases should be exciting, no? At least there’s a chance that things will get better in the future.

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There’s More to Come!

I should mention that Aside from these pre-recorded seasons, Which another one was already shot (an entire season of 16–17 episodes), Brennan and the gang — the original ‘bad kids’ from Fantasy High — are doing weekly Live episodes on Twitch.

I don’t know the fate of these episodes now that most cast members were laid off, but according to Dimension 20’s Twitter, a new live episode will happen this week, and many things are planned for the future.

Well, now that I got you a little more familiar with Dimension 20, let’s talk about Tiny Heist’s characters and plot!

The Tiny Heist World

Tiny Heist is happening in a small street block. How is that possible? Well, what you got to understand about this show is that the characters are no larger than a blade of grass. When you’re that small, a house can become a huge place. So, who’s our cast for this season?

Car-Go Jones

Travis Mcleroy plays Car-Go Jones. He’s a Transforming Car Rogue. A stoic toy who wants to save the child who gave him life. He wants to get into a vault, so he needs his fast friends. As far as I know from the first episode, he is the one rallying the others to heist with him.

Clico Man

Justin McElroy’s character is a “Clico” man (which sounds pretty familiar to Lego, don’t you think?) named Rick Diggins — an additional Rogue. He has many bodies, and no one knows he is the same person when switching between them. You could roll to discover it, but Justin said the rolls to beat would be pretty high.

Boomer Coleoptra

Clint McElroy plays a Hercules beetle named Boomer Coleoptra (an interesting naming for Clint’s character in light of OK, Boomer) that acts as a hired muscle — a Fighter class. ‘acts’ is the important word here because deep down, this beetle wants to be an actor. The first episode featured a sad scene where Clint’s character rolled high to perform in an empty theater.


Griffin McElroy plays Bean, a moocher Way of The Shadow Monk. He’s pretty impressive, and I’m excited to see what Griffin meant when saying the character was broken (stats-wise). I mean, there is an exciting thing with Bean. He can jump 100 feet into the sky. He’s so tiny that he’s even smaller than the size of a human eye.


Lily Du plays TI-83, or as she likes to call herself, Ty. She’s a bitty-folk moocher and has something with bombs. Ty is the gadget person of the heist (an Artificer class). Although everything she knows, she learned from a 1994 IBM computer at the house. Lily is daring, and I can’t wait to see where she takes mischievous Ty.


Jessica Ross is the “mom” of this heist. Her character, Agnes, is a fairy bard. If you met her, you’d know she’s not the typical fairy. She smokes, has a spy network, and many people do things for her. I guess she’s mighty, but we haven’t gotten a chance to shine some light on that yet.

Are You Excited Like Me?

Tiny Heist is becoming a fantastic show, and I can’t wait for the next episode! The episodes air every Thursday. What are you waiting for? Watch it on Dropout, and let me know what you think!